Morning Routine

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I didn't use to be a morning person. I'm a night owl, I always thought. Growing up, I've always waited until the last possible second to wake up and get ready. I would go to school, come home and hang out, and then try to squeeze in the things I needed to get done late in the evening. This pattern didn't serve me well,  but it wasn't until my last years in college that I discovered that I was actually a morning person.

I estimate that I am 500X more productive in the morning than at any other time in the day. I'm also happier and more relaxed the rest of the day if my top priorities are addressed in the morning. To make the most of my mornings I do two things: wake up earlier and stick to a routine.

My morning routine:

1. Wake up at 6 am

I used to wake at 5 am when I worked at the newspaper, but my natural body clock wakes up at about 6. I find this time works best for me and still allows me to have a slow morning. 

2. A glass of water, vitamins, and coffee 

Like most people into health and wellness, I try to drink half my body weight in ounces of water. And like most people, that doesn't always happen, so I try to set the tone by starting with a glass of water first thing in the morning

3. Plan out my day, set intentions and meditate 

Next, I like to plan out my day while I enjoy my coffee. I decide on my top three priorities for the day. I'm a huge planner fan and the act of writing out my plans and intentions for the day. My current planner is a personalized planner from Plum Paper. I also use this time to meditate. 

4. Brush teeth, wash face and get dressed

I'm done with my coffee, so I brush my teeth and wash my face. I get dressed (usually workout clothes), pull my hair into a ponytail or bun, brush my kids' hair and give them their vitamins. 

5. Make my bed

A made bed makes your whole room feel cleaner. Plus, a made bed is somehow way comfier and easier to fall asleep in at night. 

6. Tidy getting-ready messes before leaving

If we have time--and most days we do--the kids and I quickly clean up any messes we made while getting ready, like pajamas on the floor, shoes tossed out of place, etc. It's so much easier for me to start the rest of my day to come home to a mostly tidy house after dropping them off. 

7. Exercise

I usually workout in the mornings immediately after I drop the kids off. I usually spend about an hour at the gym. 

8 Tackle Top Three before noon

After the gym, I quickly shower and get dressed. I have a quick breakfast and then move on to my top three priorities for the day. My single new year resolution for this year was to get my top three done every day before noon.  So far it's working out great because like I said earlier, I am super productive in the morning. 

With exercise done, my top three out of the way, and mostly tidy home, I spend the rest of my day focusing on smaller to-dos or just relaxing if there isn't anything else on my schedule. I've found that this schedule is what works for me and makes for my best kind of day. Feel free to share your morning or night-time routine in the comments! 

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  1. Nice routine! Love the planning your day and setting intentions part. I need to set myself a morning routine and actually get up in the morning!