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I've always loved the way honeysuckles smell. It's a sweet and floral scent that will forever remain tied to memories of my childhood of playing outside with my sister and cousins, plucking honeysuckles from the fence to suck on the nectar.

Years ago my mom bought me Avon's Today perfume for Christmas and it quickly became one of my favorite perfumes. The perfume is described as a "citrusy floral" scent with the following notes:

• Top Notes: Joyful Citrus, Watery Green Notes, Pink Peppercorn• Mid Notes: Magnolia, Lily of the Valley, Jasmine Petals• End Notes: Sandalwood, Cedarwood, and Elegant Musk

Somehow all these notes combined create a scent that reminds me of honeysuckles and though I've tried to find a perfume that smells similar (Bed Bath and Body Works Wild Honeysuckle is close) I've yet to find a perfume that with that honeysuckle scent with the power to evoke sunny childhood memories. 

The best part? This perfume costs less than $25.

I receive many compliments about this perfume usually followed by surprise when I explain the perfume is from Avon.

The perfume is an instant pick-me-up and while I own other more expensive perfumes, Today is my signature scent.  

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  1. It is always really inspiring and interesting to hear of someone's favourite perfumes. Thank you:)