2018 Reading Challenge: February

My goal for this year is to read 52 books, which averages to one book a week. I got off to a great start this year and read two books for the first few weeks. Unfortunately, last month got a little crazy with the flu and a new job. I'm a little behind so I will just have to play a little catch-up in March.

Moving forward, instead of posting weekly updates, I'll be doing monthly updates of everything I read that month.

So here's what I read in February: (As with all my reading challenge posts, I included Amazon affiliate links for convenience.  I earn a small commission when you make a purchase. read full disclosure here.)

American War: A Novel by Omar El Akkad

My rating: 3 1/2 stars

The themes in this book are relevant and overall the story was interesting. The book really lagged for me during the refugee camp part so I really had to force myself to get through it and finish the book. However, things did pick up and I enjoyed the story even though the ending was a little bleak. 

The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton

My rating: 4 stars

I listened to an audiobook version of this on Audible. Honestly, I have no idea how it got on my account. Maybe I accidentally purchased it or it was on sale so I downloaded it but it's been in my library for a while now. I'm glad that I finally listened to it! All the names and the way all the characters are related can be a bit confusing so I this is one of the few books that I slowed down the reading speed for better listening. I love just about any story with star-crossed lovers but I also really enjoyed Edith Wharton's writing style and found her detailed description of New York society interesting.


  1. Currently reading Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown and I LOVE it

  2. ahh I need to make the time to finish reading the book I started LAST summer. oopps . Than I can add more to my list, theres so many good books out there now.

    1. I have a few that I’ve started a while back and never finished. I hope to finish them this year!

  3. I get to read so much more in the spring / summer. Cannot wait to dive into some of these. The Age of Innocence is on my list.


  4. What a great goal! The only things that I have been reading lately all have to do with blogging!

  5. I'm always looking for new books to read. These ones sound pretty good!