2018 Reading Challenge: Week One

Last year on GoodReads, I challenged myself to read 52 books. Unfortunately, I didn't reach that goal, so this year I've decided to try again. This time, in order to hold myself more accountable, I will document my progress on here.)

It's the end of week one and I'm off to a good start. I finished two books and started two more.

Books I finished this week: (Like with all my book posts, I went ahead and included affiliate links from Amazon. Read the full disclosure here)

No One Knows by J.T. Ellison

My rating: 3 stars

Overall, I enjoyed this book. I like the author’s writing style and I’m interested to read other things she has written.

However, the characters didn’t feel completely fleshed out. The beginning was a bit slow. Things pick up in the final third of the book making it worth the read but still wasn’t completely satisfying. I finished the book with the feeling that the story could’ve been better.

Still, I liked the book and I would be interested to read other books by the author that hopefully, wouldn’t have the same issues as No One Knows.

Love Poems by Pablo Neruda

My rating: 5 stars

Beautiful poems. I’m trying to read more poetry written in Spanish. Unfortunately, my Spanish isn’t the best so the side by side English translations is helpful!

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