Spin Class Essentials

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Since my last post about spin class, I've fallen in love with spin. It's one of my favorite ways to get cardio in and I've noticed a lot more definition in my legs. When someone tells tried spin class but didn't return, it's usually because they weren't prepared for class. Spin class is a tough workout and not having the right gear can make the class miserable! So here is a list of 5 spin class essentials:

1. Small Towel 
Some gyms provide small towels but if yours doesn't make sure to pack your own. You'll need one to wipe sweat from your face and to fan yourself off.

2. Clip On Fan 
So you can use your towel to fan yourself off but if you're someone who gets overheated or if you're just a baby like me, you might consider bringing a clip on fan to place on your bike. When the class is at capacity with sweaty bodies, the room gets pretty hot and a constant personal breeze on your bike is helpful.

3. Lots and Lots of Water 
It's important to drink plenty of water before, during, and after any workout and spin class is no exception. Make sure to bring plenty of water. I always fill up two water bottles before I go to take with me for an hour long class. I think it's better to have more than not enough. Personally, I prefer glass water bottles. I don't like the taste that metal water bottles leave and the glass is easier to clean than plastic.

4 &5. Padded Shorts or Seat Cover
My bottom eventually got used to the seat, but when I first started spin class I was so uncomfortable. So if the seat is unbearable, padded shorts and a cushioned seat cover will help!

6. Headband 
You'll sweat a lot. And a headband will keep your hair and some of the sweat out of your face and eyes.

Being prepared for class makes for an enjoyable ( or least tolerable!) workout. I hope this list helps! 


  1. Yes! Plenty of water and a towel is a MUST for spin! I learned that the hard way!

  2. I've been wanting to take a spin class, I had know clue that I needed these essentials thank you so much I will be saving this to my Pinterest board

  3. My local gym just added an evening spin class and I can't wait to get back on the bike! Thanks for sharing these must-haves!

  4. That clip on fan is a brilliant idea! I always get so warm during spin!