New Year's Resolutions, Plus Free Printable

Judging from all the memes naming 2016 as the worst year ever, I'd guess that 2016 didn't turn out that way many had hoped. I'll be honest, 2016 wasn't one of my best years. But with the New Year only a few days away there's no reason to dwell on the bad. Instead, I'd rather focus on how to make 2017 better. 

I love the feeling of renewal that each new year brings and I love taking the time to plan resolutions. I try to keep the list short and simple--I don't want to feel overwhelmed when I look at it! 

Here are my 2017 resolutions and I've included a free printable at the end of the post. So feel free to download for your personal use!

  1. I'm actually doing pretty good at writing almost every day. It's a habit I'd like to take into the New Year.
  2. This is another habit I've already started. Again, I just want to keep it up in the New Year! 
  3. Procrastinating is my worst habit and something I continually struggle with. I hope to put an end to that in 2017. 
  4. Since we've moved into our house years ago, I've never felt like the whole house has been truly organized all at once. It seemed that when we finally emptied the spare room of unpacked boxes, the basement turned into a mess and then the maintenance closet. So I'd like to make this the year I get the whole house in order. Maybe I'll try a little KonMari. 
  5. Recycling is something I admittedly don't do enough of but I wish I did. 
  6. I want so bad to have the upper body strength to do a handstand so I will take the time this year to work up to one. So get ready for all my Instagram pics with #yoga #checkoutmyhandstand #yayme

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