Strawberry basil infused water

I cut sodas out of my diet about 2 years ago and while I don't miss them, sometimes I thirst for something with a little more flavor than water.

I know many people who are obsessed with flavored (unsweetened) carbonated water but I think they are just plain gross. I've tried just about every flavor out there and I still can't bring myself to finish a can. I guess because I don't miss the carbonation only the flavor.

So infused water is the perfect solution. It's easy to do and the possibilities are endless. All you need is water and whatever fresh ingredients you like!

One of my favorite infused water recipes is strawberry and basil. I buy fresh strawberries often to top things like greek yogurt and I have a basil plant on my kitchen windowsill. I know the idea of basil in water sounds weird but I promise it is delicious!



  • Water
  • Fresh sliced strawberries
  • Fresh basil

Pour water into container and add the strawberries and basil. For the best flavor, refrigerate for at least 4 hours (you can leave it overnight) and enjoy!

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