Working out when your life is reading and writing

I'm a writer. While I may not be getting paid for it just yet, I still write everyday. Since I am still in college, I also write a crazy amount of essays and research papers. I have a long list of required reading for school in addition to all the books I want to read. I like to keep up with news online and I in print so there's that. Then I have the habit of losing hours on Wikipedia biographies all because I needed to know where I've seen the actor in a movie I'm watching before.

Whether I'm writing or reading for myself or for school or falling down the internet rabbit hole, I am almost always sedentary and sitting. 

It can be hard to be active while doing everything I have to and want to do. However, I have recently decided to make exercise a priority in my life. Here's some things I've done that have helped me:

1. Make exercise a priority

I already mentioned this above but I think this is the most important thing you can do. To be successful I needed exercise to be just as important to me as reading and writing. 

2. Audiobooks

When I'm running, I normally like to listen to music with high BPM but if I'm working on a longer run at a moderate pace or I'm just lifting weights, I will listen to an audiobook. I wouldn't recommend listening to a book if you are running/walking somewhere with traffic but a treadmill or safe park works. 

3. Yoga before anything else

I know so many people recommend writing as soon as you wake up, but for me, I think I am most productive when I start with yoga. It helps clear my mind and I get a workout in which are both beneficial to my goals. 

4. Track your steps

It wasn't until I tracked my steps did I realize just how inactive I was. There are plenty of wearable track steppers in addition to free phone apps available to track your steps. I make an effort to take breaks from reading/writing to get up and move, whether it's walking around for a bit or an impromptu dance party. All these steps add up and I try to shoot for at least 10,000 a day. 

5. Walk while you write

When working on poetry or something allows for a little more creativity than a research paper, I like to go to the park and write as I walk. I just use Microsoft Office on my phone. I sync my work to the cloud so I can easily access it at home on my laptop. Maybe I look like one of those people glued to their phone but I don't care: I'm getting work and exercise done.

I hope that some of these suggestions help. What ways do you fit exercise in your life? Tell me in the comments! :)

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