Things to do right now before 2015 is over

Christmas is in just a few weeks, which pretty much means 2015 is over. Another year com and gone. It's seems like it was just yesterday you were making New Year's Resolutions and now at the end of 2015 you may find that you didn't exactly achieve the things you set out to do.

I caught myself thinking: Well, 2016 will be better. Then I saw an ad for a local gym that said, "Why wait for the New Year? Start now!" While I wasn't convinced to sign up for a membership, I did wonder what I was waiting for. Why wait for the New Year? Today is the perfect day to change. 

When it comes down to it what I really want is to be less-stressed and enjoy life. So I've compiled a list of little things to do and changes to make today.

  1. Exercise daily
  2. Find ways to pay it forward 
  3. No more processed foods
  4. Write everyday
  5. Read unread books on shelf before buying more
  6. Stop putting things off
  7. Get rid of unnecessary/unwanted clutter
  8. Organize digital files
  9. Take time to enjoy a cup of tea and meditate
  10.  Write down a daily gratitude 

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