My Five Favorite Free Phone Apps

I don't have very many apps on my phone. I try not to spend so much time on my phone so I don't have any games or anything like that. Though I do have social media time-sucking apps like Facebook and Instagram. But every other app I have on my phone serves a real purpose and I feel is actually helpful in my everyday life.

Some of my goals are to practice yoga daily, learn a second language, become more active, and do better in school. I love all the following apps because for me, they are all useful in achieving those goals.

1. Yoga By Candace

She is my favorite Youtube Yoga instructor. I was thrilled to find out she released an app! My favorite feature of the entire app is how all the videos are organized. It's so easy to find a video for whatever practice you are feeling that day. The app also has a forum where you can upload pictures and ask questions.

2. Duolingo

While I sort of  know Spanish, I am not fluent or even very comfortable speaking. This app provides a variety of exercises to learn the basics of many languages. I would go as far as to say this app is actually fun. I love that the app has daily reminders so you don't forget to practice!

3. Pacer

With all the step trackers available today, I've often considered purchasing a fitbit or something of the sort. Maybe I will eventually but for now I am perfectly satisfied with the Pacer app. The reminders are helpful and I like being able to set health goals not only related to walking in the app.


I have subscribed to far too many newsletters. Having a cluttered email inbox can be just stressful as a cluttered living space or cluttered mind. This app is the easiest and fastest way to unsubscribe to various emails. The app also offers an option to "roll" subscriptions you want to keep into one email.

5. RefMe

I wish I had downloaded this app a long time ago. It's not that listing references is particularly difficult, it's just a pain and usually, something I don't get around to doing until I'm about to turn a paper in. My favorite thing about this app is you can scan a textbook your using and it will immediately create a reference in whatever format you need.

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