Golden Tote Mystery Tote Sale

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 Golden Tote, a service that sends you a tote with either 2-3 items (with 1 item you selected) or 5-7 items (with two items selected by you) is having a mystery tote sale right now! Mystery totes differ from regular totes in that all items are a complete mystery.

Normally priced at $99, the mystery totes are on sale for $60! If you ever wanted to try a mystery tote (or try Golden Tote for the first time) now might be the time!

Totes go on sale daily by size:
Monday (1.5.15) X-Small
Tuesday (1.6.15) Small
Wednesday (1.7.15) Medium
Thursday (1.8.15) Large

I just picked a small tote and I can't wait to see what I get. Click here to get yours!

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