Golden Tote January 2015 Mystery Tote Review

Subscription Service: Golden Tote
Cost: $49 or $149 plus shipping
Description: You select 1-2 clothing items depending on the size of tote you pick and the rest of your items are a complete surprise picked out by Golden Tote based on a short style profile. Golden Tote is an all or nothing deal; no exchanges unless an item is defective. You keep everything or return the whole tote. Also you can purchase a Golden Tote whenever you want it's not a monthly subscription.
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I have been wanting to try Golden Tote for a long while now. I decided that for my first tote I would get a mystery tote,taking advantage of the January Mystery Tote sale.  Mystery totes are different from regular totes in that all items are a complete surprise. Mystery totes are only on sale in the beginning of the year for $60. (I got a size Small)

Unlike some clothing subscriptions you pay for your items upfront. I think I prefer to do it this way than pay a "styling fee" and then pay for clothes after I receive them. Golden Tote is all or nothing but I'm pretty adventurous when it comes to clothing and you can always trade what you don't like. 

Puella Top
I hung this one up because I kind of got upset when I saw it. I mistakenly thought that the Puella item was supposed to be a dress. I though "No way does this fit anyone taller than 5 ft!" Ha, but it's not, it is indeed a top and I love it! It's so comfy and soft. 

Bottom Hem

Embroidered Long Sleeve Top
This top is different from anything I own. It fits well and I like the mix of fabric.  
Le Lis Hi-low Knit top
 I love this! I like hi-low tops because they cover my butt when wearing leggings. ;)

Maxi Dress
This dress is just a tad tight, but I hope to change that by Spring Break so I'm not too worried about the fit. However the length is perfect. I'm pretty short so finding a shorter maxi dress can be hard at times. Also I love the pattern. 

I received a lot of blue in this tote but the variety in the items makes up for the limited color palette. Overall I'm impressed with the quality of the clothes and the sizing was pretty good. I can't wait for the February tote to go on sale. I will definitely be ordering again!

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