New Year's Resolutions

Looking back on 2014's New Year's Resolutions I can proudly say that I actually accomplished most of the things that I set out to do this year. For 2015 I want to include a few of goals I didn't quite meet and add a few new ones. 

1. Write everyday
I'm not going to be too strict with this one. Any kind of writing will suffice; whether it be on here, or my journal, or a creative piece. I just want to do more writing. 

2. Read one book a week
I have so many books on my to read list right now. This is another that I'm not going to be too strict about. Some books might take two or three weeks and I'm fine with that. The point is just to read more. 

3. Exercise everyday 
Something I really want to start is daily yoga. I don't feel like it would be too hard to incorporate in my daily routine and for the most part this will count for my "exercise everyday." Of course I will still lift weights and I plan on getting an elliptical machine for home sometime next month.

4. Try more new things
I'm not necessarily afraid of new but I do have a tendency to stick with what is familiar. I want to shake things up a bit in 2015. Starting with my hair. I'm seriously considering starting the year off as a redhead. I need to fix my hair anyway.  So why not? I've made a whole Pinterest board devoted to new things to try and do in 2015. Not to mention the plethora of pins on other boards I have yet to try. Staring in 2015 I'll be starting weekly "Pin it, Try it" posts where I actually attempt pins from Pinterest. 

5. Take a photo everyday (365 Photo Project)
This is something that I have already decided to commit to but I included it in my resolutions to reinforce my goal. You can read more about it here.   

6. Become more organized
I hate messes yet I am one of the most unorganized and messy person I know. I want to take more effort in 2015 to remove clutter throughout my home and all aspects of life for that matter. I always complain to Dustin how our house has never been completely clean/organized since we've moved in. My house isn't crazy messy or anything but there are closets filled with disorganized junk, the garage still contains boxes from the move, and my craft room is all over the place. I plan to completely organize the entire house before next semester begins. (Well not the garage--its too cold!)

7. Stop putting things off
I thought about including a resolution about grades or paying bills on time or even returning phone calls but when it really comes done to it my problem is that I put things off. I handle a lot things like Ted and Marshall in How I Met Your Mother.

Marshall: So, when Lily and I get married, who's gonna get the apartment?
Ted: Oh, that's a tough one. You know who I think could handle a problem like that?
Marshall: Who?
Ted: Future Ted and Future Marshall.

Marshall: Totally. Let's let those guys handle it.

Future Cynthia can't handle it all. I need to get as I much as I can do today and stop putting off until tomorrow. 

8. Cut back on processed food
We have been slowly scaling back on the processed food already. In 2015 I just want to cut back even more until I'm eventually at an 80/20 (clean/processed) ratio. 

9. Break up with social media and my phone (sorta)
Getting all things that I want to get done in 2015 will require some serious time. My number one most waste of time is idling checking Facebook/Instagram/Twitter my phone or laptop. While I have thought about completely getting rid of my Facebook page, I think it would also delete my photography business page and while Facebook has limited my reach on my business page, I feel that it's still important to keep. However, I will be leaving my phone on the charger in my room when I'm at home. I will try to get all the things  want to get done in a day before checking any social media. I want to live the kind of life in which I actually do the things I enjoy or things that actually mean something. 

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