What I'm Loving Wednsday

Nick Jonas in Kingdom
Take away Nick's adorable curls, add a few pounds of muscle and a sprinkle of chest hair and you get this hunk of man. I started watching this show because Dustin had recorded it on our DVR. I didn't know anything about the show other than it was about mixed martial arts. When I saw Nick in the ring I made Dustin pause and press info to check cast & crew so I could confirm. Little did I know Nick Jonas and I are actually the same age. (I always assumed he was younger than me because he was the youngest Jonas brother.) 

The show centers around a family that owns a MMA gym. Dustin and I were pretty hooked from the first episode. Dustin, who used to box and who's dad also boxed, feels that this is an accurate portrayal of the "fighting lifestyle."  This is the first Audience Channel (an inclusive DirectTV channel) shows we have ever actually watched. 

Kingdom shows every Wednesday on DirecTV's Audience Channel. 

It's been announced that Kingdom renewed for 20 more episodes. 10 for next fall and 10 for 2016 so I suppose that Dustin and I will continue to watch. 

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