Fitness Goals

I realized I forgot to post my fitness goals in my earlier post. As much as I hate the thought of posting my weight online for anyone to see, I want to be completely transparent with everything that I do in this challenge so not to mislead anyone. My current stats are 5'2 1/2" (That half is important to me!) 140 lbs and a size 4/6.

Honestly, I feel like I carry the weight well. Weightloss isn't top priority for me. I really just want to flatten my tummy and tone up.  I understand that my weight may not change much if I gain muscle mass and I'm okay with that. My goals are non-scale goals.

1. Lead a healthier life style
I know I have a few unhealthy habits. Snacking on empty calories and putting of exercise are my top offenses. I hope to kick those habits for good during this challenge.

2. Set an example for my daughters
I want my girls to know that being healthy isn't difficult. Hopefully, by creating a home where healthy snacks are preferred and exercise is a normal and fun occurrence, an active and healthy lifestyle which just come naturally to them.

3. Look HOT in a crop top
Like I said above, I don't care to lose X amount of pounds. I just want to tone up my tummy. I was thrilled when crop tops came back "in." You can basically find them at any store. Currently, I have about 10 crop tops in my closet patiently awaiting their debut. I'm considering even getting my belly button pierced. I just want a abdomen that I'm proud to show off.

What are your goals? Comment below, I'd love to know!!!

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