FabKids Review

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Long ago I created an account for Fabletics, but I've never actually bought anything. Maybe that will change now that I'm doing the 12 Week Transformation Contest. However, I did finally decide to order from the FabKids department.

Basically, with Fabkids you take a quiz an dyou have the option to become a "VIP" to get discounted outfits. Each month you'll be charged and given store credit to choose your outfit. Though you have the option to skip a month, which is always nice.

I had received an email that outfits were on sale for $7.99 (or something like that) so I decided to go ahead and order.

I chose "Tie Dye Girl Outfit."

I thought it was pretty cute! It's a two piece outfit and comes with the dress and the leggings. Shoes aren't included. :( 

Shipping was pretty fast and it arrived as expected, however, the quality was so much better than I had expected. 

I thought the pink trim would have just been sewn on the edge of the dress but it's actually like a little petticoat attached to the dress that adds fullness to the skirt.

Tip: Sizing is a little different! I almost ordered an X-Small, but then noticed that the Small is actually size 4/5. Be sure to check double check before ordering!

Overall I'm pleased with my purchase. They have so many cute outfits that I have been eyeing since I received this. I will definitely order again when there is a sale.  

If you would like to try Fabkids and get your first outfit for $15, feel free to use my referral link! 

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