May To Do List

I'm done with school until this fall so I plan on attempting to use my summer to get in all the things I want to do but didn't have the time for. 

For the rest of this month I'll start off with things that aren't so fun but still need to be done. 

1. Paint Bedroom
-Currently my bedroom is an ugly brown that gives it a dark and gloomy feeling. I plan on painting it a light gray kind of like the one in the list above! 

2. Kitchen Backsplash
-We started our kitchen already. Before the walls were a light pink and the trim was again an awful brown. We painted the walls gray and the trim and cabinets white. It already look so much better. I plan on painting a yellow chevron pattern on the back splash and carrying the pattern up the wall where the window is. But drawing out the chevron pattern is time consuming so I'm considering trying to find a stencil. 

3. Hang Mirror
-I received a pretty white mirror from my mom on Christmas and it's still on the floor propped up against the wall. I want to put in my living room but because there are tons of pictures already hanging where I would like to put it I'll have to figure out where to move those. 

4. Organize Clothes
-I have problem. I have a problem with clothes. I have more clothes than I have space for. I need to go through them and organize all of it. I plan on donating things I no longer need to victims of a recent fire in my area. Over 200 homes were lost or damaged in the. So this task takes priority and I will probably do this tonight. I also plan on going through my daughters' things and my husbands. 

5. Redo Office
-I hate my office! I hate it! It's a mess and is full of things that just don't make sense. Like an entertainment center with an old TV (that doesn't work) a punching bag and stand, and an empty desk because we moved temporarily the computer to the living and it hasn't been moved back. I need to figure out something to with all of it so that the office can be a functional room. 

6. Organize craft room
-My craft room is also in dire need of a redo. We moved my craft room from the basement to the girls' playroom and their playroom to the basement. That was months ago,  like before Christmas and my craft is still a mess. I've been pinning different craft rooms and offices for inspiration and I can't wait to finally fix both of these rooms.  

I feel that once I get these things out the way I'll be able to get to enjoy the more "fun" things on my summer to do list. So all of this needs to be done by the end of this month.

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