A Few of My Favorite Things

Products that I'm currently regularly using:

This is my new go to mascara, It's perfect for building up lashes with extra coats and it doesn't flake! 

I received this in my Julep Maven Box this month. I love the color and texture. This is always in my purse now! 

I use this for contouring everyday (or most days). It's not shimmery which makes it perfect for highlighting and contouring. If you don't know what HAC is or how to HAC here is a link to one of my favorite makeup blogs and an AMAZING tutorial on how-to HAC. Oh and did I mention this smells like CHOCOLATE??!!

This was my first makeup splurge. I really just wanted to see what all the hype was about and now I know. These colors are great and long lasting. The brush is good quality as well. I love that with this palette you can easily create subtle day looks and dramatic smokey eyes. I also use the darker shades to fill in my brows in a pinch. 

This blush feels nice on my cheeks and the color works well for my complexion. This blush is also vanilla scented so after I've HAC with this and the bronzer my face smells so yummy. lol

I love using this as it starts to warm up. It doesn't streak but it works faster than the original gradual glow. I don't think the scent is too offensive so that' a plus. 

I like nude polish on my nails for a everyday look. It helps hide the grossness of my nails without being too flashy. 

6. Miss Dior Eau de Parfum-$75
I love feminine and florarl scents. This is exactly that and the bottle is too cute.

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