The Purrfect Desk

Aside from a small stack of unorganized papers, my desk at home is quite bare. Even worse it's completely lacking cats!

Here are some cute cat desk accessories that are just cute as they are functional.

I love the graphic look to this mouse pad. I don't think I'll every tire of cats in bow ties. 

ModCloth $14.99

I like that this is magnetic. I never seem to return things like paperclips or bobby pins to little containers.

Amazon $11.05

Okay so maybe a mirror isn't typically a desk-must-have. I just really like this mirror but I think it would be practical to have a mirror at my desk for the times when I'm following a makeup tutorial on YouTube or something.

ModCloth $29.99

Having a desk full of cats just isn't enough. I need a mug to let the world know I love cats.

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