Little Lace Box February 2015 Review

The box is a little beaten up because of course, my dog got to it before I did. 

Is it strange that I dreamt of this box last night?  After reading several reviews for Little Lace Box I knew I had to subscribe. This is my very first box.

The theme of the moth was "The Lovers, the dreamers, and me" I have to be honest that I did have different expectations for the theme and it seems as though LLB is aware as explained in the letter LLB includes:

"...a dockworkers' strike in California kept our wonderful artisans and designers, who 
create and craft theur products using components hat are shipped from outside the US and arrive via the West Coast docks, from finishing their products. And again when the perennial weekly winter storms in the Northeast kept designers there from getting what they needed in time to create for us what we originally curated for the February box. And, although we love this month's box, it isn't an exact match for what we originally had in mind for the February theme."

Makes sense and I don't hold against them because this really is a great box! 

I've never heard of this brand and thanks to LLB I checked out their website and they have lots of beautiful products. As far as earrings go, I typically like to keep it simple and these earrings are a perfect match. Simple and delicate makes them perfect for everyday wear. 

Made from goat milk and coarse sea salt; this Bling Bath is supposed to leave skin soft and moisturized. I really look forward to using this tonight. ;) 

I swear I could live off ice cream and hot fudge. I cannot wait to pour this over a huge bowl of icecream. It looks like there was some variation with the flavors of fudge. Though I would have been fine with any flavor, I'm glad to receive original and then branch out and try other flavors. 

I always tell myself that I will start writing more letters but then I never do. However, maybe this cute set by P. Press Papers will lend some inspiration to begin. 

Lots of goat milk! ( the fudge and the salt also have goat milk) My daughters' hands have been very dry due to winter and over zealous handwashing so I immediately slathered some on both their hands. I love the scent and the texture. 

Overall the value of this box came out to a little over $100. I used a coupon code to receive a $10 discount on my first box so I only paid $29.99. I really liked everything I recieved and I can't wait for next month's "Here Comes the Sun" theme. 

I'm glad I subscribed when I did because it looks like Little Lace Box has decided due to growth  not to open new monthly or yearly subscriptions. I'll make sure to update on here as soon as subscriptions open back up.

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